Clinical Skills Assessment

Beginning with the residency class entering in 2007, adult residency training programs will credential residents in the area of clinical interviewing skills to allow them to be eligible to take the ABPN Boards. The three components of clinical skills that will be assessed are: 1) the doctor-patient relationship, 2) interviewing and data collection, including the mental status exam, and 3) case presentation.
The ABPN convened a work group with representation from a wide variety of professional psychiatric organizations. (Task force on Clinical Skills Verification Training) The group was charged with developing a curriculum to train faculty raters in CSV evaluation.  The training materials are posted below. Included are some edited vignettes of residents conducting interviews.  These vignettes were rated by a large group of psychiatrists at the 3/20009 AADPRT meeting.  The CSV training modules are included. “Participant Demographics” describes the raters. The “Vignette Reliability” for each of the videos describes the breakdown of scores on each item and sub-item.
To use the videos for rater training:

The forms below have been generated by or approved by the ABPN for Clinical Skills Assessment.

Clinical Skills Verification Rater Training

Task Force Background Materials