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Issues of Copying Materials from the AAP Educational Resources

1. No materials may be copied or used in part of in full for the purposes of monetary profit without written permission from the original authors. All copyrights remain with the original authors. 

2. These materials may be copied in part or in full for educational purposes as long as the original authors are cited. The materials may be altered to suit teachers' individual purposes, as long as they cite the original author and add "modified by (name of the teacher who modified the materials)."


Our goal is simple: to have psychiatry faculty and staff share curricula and teaching materials in a manner that is inexpensive and efficient. 

In the teaching environments of present-day managed care, few departments of psychiatry can afford to have their faculty members spend  time constantly updating lectures, handouts, slides, computer programs, bibliographies, etc. Thus, at our 1997 AAP annual meeting, a group of us decided to coordinate psychiatric faculty members and staff from across the U.S. and Canada as a solution to this dilemma. We agreed that if each of us chose one subject, either for teaching psychiatry or for developing faculty, each of us could realistically keep that one particular topic updated. We could then trade our topic for other faculty members' topics. 

The WEB seemed the easiest manner for accomplishing this. Two levels of materials will be posted on the WEB. 

(1) Rough-draft works in progress to which other AAP members can submit comments for improvements and additions 
(2) Superior quality peer-reviewed articles or materials

If you wish to contribute or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. This is a collaborative project. Enjoy and we hope this helps you in your teaching and thinking about teaching psychiatry.

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Microsoft Powerpoint will be required to view many of slide show programs.



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