About the Association for Academic Psychiatry (AAP)

The Association for Academic Psychiatry (AAP) focuses on education in psychiatry at every level from the beginning of medical school through lifelong learning for psychiatrists and other physicians. It seeks to help psychiatrists who are interested in careers in academic psychiatry develop the skills and knowledge in teaching, research, and career development required to succeed. AAP provides members a forum to exchange ideas on teaching techniques, curriculum, and other issues and to work together to solve problems. AAP works with other professional organizations with mutual interests and objectives through committee liaison and collaborative programs.

Welcome from the AAP President...

AAP is an organization of academic psychiatrists who are dedicated to advancing psychiatric education at all levels of training, including UME, GME, and faculty development.  We are passionate about enhancing our teaching skills, refining our curriculum development expertise, and finding innovative approaches to advance the educational mission at our home institutions.  In addition, we are committed to supporting our members in their own career development, whether through our Master Educator program, mentoring activities, or networking opportunities.  If you have not attended one of our annual meetings, I encourage you to join us this September in Milwaukee!  You will find a group of highly engaged, hardworking and fun-loving individuals who are always ready to welcome those new to our organization (in fact, we host an annual “Newcomer’s Reception” each year to welcome first-time attendees).  AAP has been my professional “home” for nearly a decade, and I can say with certainty that I would not have enjoyed as much success in my career without the support, mentorship, and encouragement of my AAP colleagues.

Marcy Verduin, MD, 2017-2018 AAP President

What is AAP?


The Association for Academic Psychiatry is an international organization of diverse current and future psychiatric educators, clinical teachers, researchers, clinicians and academic leaders in education that promotes excellence in psychiatric education in service of the highest quality mental health care.


The mission of the Association for Academic Psychiatry is to promote faculty career development, instructional development, scholarship, innovation, research and leadership in psychiatric education, through collegial dialogue, and collaboration, and mentorship.

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