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Theme: "Adaptive Expertise - Preparing Learners for the Future"

As teachers we strive to train our learners for what they will encounter in their future careers.  While we can prepare them for common situations in current practice, we can't prepare them for all possible problems they will face in an ever-changing healthcare environment.  How best can we teach them so that they have the expertise to effectively deal with novel and unexpected cases?  We need to draw upon existing educational theory and an expanding educational evidence base to inform our teaching and curricular approaches, so that we can help our learners develop the knowledge and skills needed to address the challenges they will experience in the future.

Plan to attend our next Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.  Come to learn about all the innovative and excellent things being done in teaching, education, and career development in Psychiatry.  Come to meet new colleagues and reconnect with established ones.  Come explore a vibrant city with a storied history and plenty of contemporary culture.  I hope to see a record number of you there.

~ John Teshima, MD  2018-2019 AAP President

* Guest refers to a friend or a spouse, who is a non-industry related and only intends to attend the Welcome Reception and Night Out.  If a friend or spouse would like to attend any educational sessions and/or breakfasts and breaks, he/she must pay full registration for the meeting. 

Meeting Highlights & Information

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Official Meeting Schedule with Details (Coming Soon!)

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General Information

General Information

Our Objective

AAP’s Annual Meeting is designed for psychiatrists who are interested in learning about academic development, teaching psychiatry, and research on psychiatry education. The meeting is filled with interactive workshops designed to teach a wide array of academic topics. “How To” sessions teach academic and leadership development, use of technology in teaching, resident and faculty teacher development, and a host of other topics in resident and medical student education. The meeting is a wonderful way to interact with academic psychiatrists and psychiatry leaders in a casual and inviting setting filled with accessible workshops, informal sharing, and academic mentoring. It is an ideal venue for residents and fellows to develop an interest in education, junior faculty to launch an education-based career, and senior faculty to expand their skills and meet colleagues from across the country.

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Annual Meeting Dates & Locations

Future Meetings

2019: September 4-7, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

2020: September 9-12, Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2021: September 8-11, Embassy Suites Denver Downtown, Denver, CO


Lisa Hedrick, Association for Academic Psychiatry