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Early Career Development Award



  • Created to facilitate career development
  • An opportunity for new educators to learn and share teaching techniques, skills and innovations
  • Opportunity to network and obtain mentoring
  • Number: maximum of 8
Tips for Nominations
Award Recipients

The purpose of the Early Career Development Award is to recognize promising junior faculty. This program provides an opportunity for new educators to learn and share teaching techniques, skills and innovations to establish linkages with other experienced educators at the AAP, and to network with other junior faculty from across the country. Awardees will be given a $200 honorarium.

Eligibility: Any full or part-time psychiatry faculty member at the instructor or assistant professor level may be nominated by the chair or the chair's designee. He or she should have significant teaching responsibility and show interest in and potential for a continuing academic career.

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Quality and breadth of teaching
  • Educational endeavors including administrative responsibilities, curriculum innovations and presentations at meetings
  • Awards/recognition of teaching

The intent of this award is to identify new faculty who will be able to use the resources of AAP to further their academic careers.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Maximum of one nomination per training institution
  • Nominee must be an AAP member
  • Chair's (or designee's) nomination letter
  • Candidates must submit a personal statement describing their academic activities and interests and why they feel this award will assist their careers
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Two additional letters of support by students, residents, peers, senior faculty, etc are required. Each supporting letter and document should be no longer than two pages. Summaries of teaching evaluations may be included.
  • Application can be completed by the nominee as long as all the supporting documents, including letter of nomination are included in the packet.  If you have any questions or concerns about the form/process, please send a message to

Thank you for your interest. Award submissions ARE NOW CLOSED. Submissions for 2025 will open January 1, 2025.

FOR QUESTIONS ONLY, contact Shaheen Darani, MD, Career Development Committee Chair. Award submissions sent to this email address will not be considered.