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Resident Psychiatric Educator Award



  • Created to honor psychiatry residents who demonstrate particular promise as educators and scholars in academic psychiatry
  • A two-year award.
    • Fellows must present posters/workshop/WIPs at the Annual Meeting to receive complimentary meeting registration year 2.
  • Fellows network with national educators and obtain mentoring
  • Number: maximum of 8
Tips for Nominations
Award Recipients

The Resident Psychiatric Educator Award program was created to honor psychiatry residents who demonstrate particular promise as educators and scholars in the field of academic psychiatry.

During this unique two-year award period, Resident Psychiatric Educator awardees will receive complimentary registration for two Annual Meetings*, as well as reimbursement for meeting-related hotel and meal expenses - year 1; receive mentoring from AAP faculty; meet and collaborate with other AAP Residents and Fellowship participants, and have the opportunity to present scholarly work at the Annual Meeting poster sessions. In addition, Residents and Fellows receive complimentary AAP membership and an online subscription for the journal, Academic Psychiatry. This award represents an important professional experience, offering transformative and enjoyable opportunities to academic psychiatry’s best trainees each year.

* To receive complimentary meeting registration year 2 of the award, Residents and Fellows must present a poster, workshop, or WIP.  Submissions must be received by the posted deadline.

Application Guidelines

  • Residents may be nominated by the department chair, vice-chair (education), director of residency education or a faculty member.  Preference will be given to candidates who have at least one letter from an AAP member.  Residents must be a PGY-3 or above and be in training at the time of the award.
  • Current CV (resident nominee)
  • Resident nominee personal statement. The statement must describe the nominee's vision for his/her career as an academic psychiatrist and how this fellowship may help him/her to achieve those goals. Statement is limited to a maximum of 500 words.
  • Two or three letters of support from senior departmental members (e.g., chair, training director, senior supervisor), each approximately two pages in length commenting on:
    • The resident’s demonstrated ability as a teacher (emphasized in the fellow selection process);
    • The resident’s commitment to an academic career;
    • The department’s interest and plans for fostering the resident’s professional, academic, and personal growth, including a statement of the department’s willingness to provide partial financial support for the candidate if he/she is selected as a fellow. (Departmental support is not used as a selection criterion and is not a consideration of the Fellowship Committee when choosing recipients of the Fellowship);
    • Publications, presentations, and educational, or research projects in which the nominee has played a major role; and
    • Personal qualities that bear upon the nominee’s capacities in academic medicine and describing relevant experiences in the teaching/learning continuum.

Note: Nominees for AAP fellowship will be judged first and foremost on merit, based on the criteria above. If more than one nomination comes from an institutional member, the institution will be notified (since nominations could come from separate hospitals or departments). If more than one is meritorious, AAP will fund the highest rated one (other than airfare, as usual) and the institution will have the option of completely funding the other one.

Thank you for your interest. Submissions for the 2024 Resident Psychiatric Educator Award will open January 2, 2024.

For further inquiries, contact Isheeta Zalpuri, MD, Trainee Engagement Committee Chair, at